Shankly's 40th anniversary

18.12.1999 - Coventry 2-0 - Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Bill Shankly's arrival at Anfield. A mosaic across the top of the Kop spelt the word 'SHANKS'. Below were two images of Shanks' face flanking the Cross of St Andrew.

"Some of the great names from Liverpool's past 40 years were introduced to the fans, the two Scots pipers on the pitch played Shankly's favourite hymn, Amazing Grace. On The Kop the Kopites held up 12,000 coloured cards. Barely a minute into the hymn and the Kop began singing - slowly, and almost in hushed tones, "Shankly, Shankly". I swear it was one of the most moving things I've ever heard; the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. It was difficult to hold back the tears. The cards were then hurredly put aside and the massed flags and banners were unfurled. This was the loudest, most passionate YNWA that I've heard in years. It was twice as loud and twice as stirring as the CWC semi with PSG which many rate as The Kop's greatest hour since it was seated. From my position front and centre I could see the (truly) massive 'All Around The Ground The Kop Spirit Survives' banner being passed back up over hundreds of heads. It brought a lump to the throat. The anthem continued way past it's normal end point - it was if we didn't want it to end." - From Red All Over The Land.

Shanks quote

I was the great man's paperboy during the 70s for 2 years. My house backed on to Bellefield, some other team's training ground, and opposite was what is now Shankly Playing fields. He was open with the Blue fans as he was with everyone else. He would always stop and chat with them waiting for autographs at the entrance. Quite a few mornings he'd be out when I arrived and he'd say hello and chat a bit. All the stories that are told about him being a man of the people are completely true. When he retired he walked allot and would often pass my house in Sandforth Road, 2 doors way from Bellefield Training ground. He would stop and chat to the blues supporters waiting for autographs. If you said hello to him he would always stop and talk.

Dave Threlfall

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