Shanks the legend

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On 16 December 2009 Bil Shankly was honoured as 50 years had passed since he signed his contract to become manager of Liverpool Football Club. Anfield was the stage for an emotional parade of legends along with nine members of Shankly’s family before Liverpool played Wigan Athletic in the Premier League. The sounds of ‘Amazing Grace’ – Shankly’s favourite hymn reverberated at half-time. A "SHANKS THE LEGEND" mosaic was unveiled on the Kop prior to kick off.

Shanks quote

"Probably the most profound advice he ever gave me was to get into a tracksuit as soon as I turn up for work. He said that it showed the players that there was work to be done and acted as a deterrent to people in suits who wanted to bog you down with administrative work."

HOWARD KENDALL - Former Everton manager

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