Shankly Gates

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Shankly's widow, Ness, formally unlocked the Shankly Gates on 26th August 1982, 11 months after Shankly's passing. Former Liverpool chairman, John Smith, Graeme Souness and Bob Paisley were among those present at the ceremony. The gates are on the Anfield Road side, next to the Hillsborough memorial. Across the Gates are the words 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Bob and Shankly's widow, Ness, at the opening of the Shankly Gates

Ten years earlier Horace Yates of the Liverpool Echo had suggested gates at Anfield in honour of their legendary manager. In 1972, new gates were erected at the ground where the main entrance to the car park was. "The gates, I am told, will be very similar to those at the Lord's cricket ground, which have been named the 'W.G. Grace Gates' to commemorate one of the world's most famous cricketers. Surely, here is the spark of an idea for Liverpool. Why not name theirs the 'W. Shankly Gates' to perpetuate the name of the man who pulled Liverpool out of the doldrums and led them to the finest phase of their history? For years Anfield and Shankly have been synonymous."

Shanks quote

"I got injured in a Monday match at Wolverhampton early in the 1963-64 season. The muscle had gone in my leg. It was really bad. Shanks wouldn't speak to me after the game but the following morning he asked me how I was. I just said it wasn't too bad because you you didn't like saying you were unfit. Bob told me to say I was fit and on the Friday, the day before our next game, Shanks got me out. He said: 'Right. Come on, run round the pitch.' I could hardly walk but after I'd made it round the pitch Shanks asked me how I felt. I said: 'I'm fit.' Well, he nearly exploded! 'Fucking fit! You're a cripple! A bleedin' cripple! Get ot o' ma sight!'"

TOMMY LAWRENCE - Liverpool 1957-1971

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