A Little Touch of Scotland

A little touch of Scotland came to Liverpool one day
He looked around and said "Och man aye, this is where I'll stay"
And from that moment he worked hard to build a team so grand
And now today we have the greatest team in all the land
Shankly, oh yes Bill Shankly
Shankly we love you
For all the things you've done for us while here at Liverpool
Bill Shankly we thank you

Nowhere would you find a man who is the same as he
And all who meet him love him for his humility
For that and many other things our thanks we give to him
And do you see we're talking of Bill Shankly. Aye that's him!
Shankly, oh yes Bill Shankly
Shankly we love you
For all the things you've done for us while here at Liverpool
Bill Shankly we thank you


All Say Thanks

He was born in bonny Scotland
And he played the football game
He came to Liverpool in '59
To help us win again
Then with his mighty red army
He marched to victory
He was a legend in his time
Our hero Bill shankly

So all say thanks to the Shanks
He never walked alone
Lets sing our song for all the world
From this his Liverpool home

No matter were you come from
No matter who you are
Remember the year of '59
When the reds they found a star
And now he shines so brightly
For the boys of Liverpool
Soon the world was about to find
This man was nobody's fool

So all say thanks to the Shanks
He never walked alone
Lets sing our song for all the world
From this his Liverpool home

Then he asked no favours
Just hard work lets get it right
You can only succeed through dedication
And his men they all saw the light
He gave this town his loyalty
And proved it all by success
So always remember when we had Bill Shankly
We all knew we had the best

So all say thanks to the Shanks
He never walked alone
Lets sing our song for all the world
From this his Liverpool home 


Billy Shankly Boys

If you're tired and you're weary
And your heart skips a beat
You'll get your fucking head kicked in
If you walk down Heyworth Street
If you come to The Albert
You'll hear our famous noise
Get out you Everton bastards
We're the Billy Shankly Boys

We're the boys from The Kop
We're loyal and we're true
And when we play the Everton
We're ready for a do
To the cry of "NO SURRENDER"
You'll hear our famous noise
Get out you Everton bastards
We're the Billy Shankly Boys. 


Bill Shankly From Glenbuck
(To the tune of Sean South from Garryowen)

Twas on a cold December's day
Back in 1959
When a man came down from Huddersfield Town
To lead the Anfield line
He bought Yeats from Dundee and St. John
And the football world was shook
This man he became a legend
Bill Shankly from Glenbuck.

On the Kop we'd sway and sing
Till our hearts would burst with pride
And Shanks he made a pact with us
To build another side
With Keegan, Tosh and Steve Heighway
The great man kept his word
Then in '74 he bade farewell
Our dear old Scottish Laird.

Now when Shanks was gone we sang walk on
But feared we'd walk alone
The search was on to find the one
Who could fill the masters throne
The one we crowned became renowned
Throughout the football game
Three European Cups, six championships
Bob Paisley was his name.

Now when Bob stepped down he left his crown
Inside his Anfield home
Joe Fagan came and brought new fame
With a treble won in Rome.
Though the Heysel year left Joe in tears
The following year he'd sing
When we won the league and FA Cup
And Kenny was our king.

When he played in red Bob Paisley said
He's the best he'd ever seen
And the team he built in 88
Ruled the football league supreme
And when Hillsborough left us all bereaved
And the Kop bedecked in flowers
Kenny proved he truely was a king
In Anfields darkest hour.

Now the mantles being past to a man from France
And it's Houllier we praise
As the reds walk on, the Kops in song
And we savour glory days
Days of ball to feet, of victory sweet
Days of passion, guile and fire
The legacy of one so great
Bill Shankly from Ayrshire


Bill Shankly's Pride and Joy

Let me tell you of our football team
Liverpool is the name
We've won the league, we've won the cup
We're the finest in the game
We've got the greatest skipper any manager could employ
Lets drink six crates to big Ron Yeats
Bill Shankly's pride and joy 


Bill Shankly - playing for PNE (by Sharon Marshall)

Jimmy Cagney in baggy shorts
Packed a tackle
Harder than a "piece"
kitbag not violin case
Deadlier than a smoking gun
And the philosophers soul
Forged its future history
Whilst honing skills carved
on ice and mud and the legs
Of fearful hearts that would
Hesitate just long enough.


Glenbuck Son (by Kenny Bushnell)

In Glenbuck he was born
From an Ayrshire mine he did rise
The man who would change so many lives
With the Cherry Pickers he played the game
With Carlisle United he first found fame
At Deepdale with Tom Finny he did play
Seven caps for Scotland he was proud to display
As a manager new tricks to learn
To Carlisle United he did return
At Grimsby he cast his net
The Glenbuck son's destiny was set
Workington and Huddersfield he did run
No to Liverpool in fifty one
Eight years down the line
An historic day in December fifty nine
All would fear the famous THIS IS ANFIELD sign
Promotion in sixty two
Champions in sixty four
The Glenbuck son, Kopites did adore
Sixty five, to Wembley in May
The Glenbuck son took the cup away
Now Into Europe he lead his team
To be Champions of Europe was his dream
Cheated in Milan, all was doom and gloom
Now back home in his beloved boot room
The Glenbuck son would sit in a huddle
Seventy-three he won a league and UEFA cup double.
May Seventy-four back at Wembley once more
Malcom McDonald, what's the score.
July, the Kopites heads are down
The Glenbuck son has relinquished his crown.
September Nineteen eighty one
Rest in peace our Glenbuck son
December 1999 we celebrate his memory
Thank you to the, KING BILL SHANKLY


I was made for Liverpool (By Nige at RAWK) - A collection of Shanklyisms for the 25th anniversary of his passing

“Mr. Shankly, would you like to manage” they said
“The greatest club in football, the men in Red?”
“I didn’t know Matt Busby had resigned” he said
“But I’ll wake the giant in your football hotbed.”

He kept faith & continuity with the Boot Room sages,
Such foundations that empires are made of.
“I don’t drop players”, he said, “I make changes.”
The right changes he wasn’t afraid of.

He kept Hunt, Byrne, Melia & young Callaghan,
As a Red Machine was carefully assembled.
St. John, Yeats & Thompson completed the plan
And the whole of football soon trembled.

“You’re not in Division 1” said Yeats to Shankly
Shanks said “No, but with you, we soon will be!”
To the press “take a walk round my new centre half,
Now we could play Arthur Askey in goal, for a laugh”.

In Sixty-two, as Shankly’s Reds won Division Two,
He led us back where we belong.
And through the early Sixties Liverpool grew
Into the capital of football and song.

He spoke of “collective play” with “improvisation”
Of the “preparation & adjustment” that came before.
There was preparation even for the preparation
That made us runaway champions in Sixty-Four.

A Red Machine is greater than the sum of its parts
For individual superstars he couldn’t care less.
“The socialism I believe in is everyone working
Together .. sharing the rewards of success.”

So into Europe he led the relentless Red march
And how did the Red Machine prepare?
On the way to Iceland he had the lads stop off
For some homely laughs, at Butlins in Ayr.

He was the man who put the Champions into all Red
“It’ll make you look like giants” he said.
Every quote made you believe we were different class:
“It’s great grass at Anfield, professional grass”.

He had the “This is Anfield” sign fixed up there
To make his team & their opponents equally aware
Of what it means to run out in front of the Kop,
Saying “Liverpool people will always come top”

When faced with jabbering reporters in Italy
He refused to be given their 3rd degree
He said: “just tell them I completely disagree
With everything they say.”

“I’m an impatient patient man”, he later said
“We trained hard, so Patience favoured the men in Red”.
So when it went to extra time in Sixty–Five,
The Cup was finally won by the fittest team alive.

For Shankly and Liverpool, brave Gerry Byrne
Laid his body and soul on the line.
Shanks said “it was the most emotional day
For Liverpool, in the history of time.”

He made every player the best they could be,
If they weren’t interfering, told them they should be!
He made them all feel that they were our property -
“That’s not your knee, son, it’s Liverpool’s knee.”

“Trouble with you laddie, is your brains are all in your head”
“It’s so simple, pass and move for the men in Red.
Work hard so this city has the 2 great teams it deserves:
That’s Liverpool …… and Liverpool Reserves.”

At Anfield or scouting, till all hours of the clock.
“On overtime, he’d earn a million” said Tommy Doc,
Don’t get me wrong, he loved his family life,
But is the legend true about Nessie, his wife?

“On your anniversary you took her to Rochdale away?”
“Not so, laddie, I’ll tell you the reason
It was Rochdale Reserves & it was her birthday -
Would I have got married during the season?”

Never afraid of tough choices for his team in Red
As he dismantled his old side in 1970
“If you can’t make decisions in life,” he said
“You’d be better off becoming an M.P.”

He said “the best side drew” and he always knew
How to gee us up when we felt a bit flat.
It was every last breath, it was life and death,
It was “much more important than that.”

And beating Everton in the 71 semi, he said,
“I’d have wanted to be here even if I was dead!
When I go, prop my coffin up, and cut me a hole-
I wouldn’t want to miss the winning goal.”

“You learn more when you lose,” said The Boss
“Though we don’t lose many now”
And that most famous photo was taken when we’d lost,
With Shankly citing Chairman Mao:

“A greater show of Red Strength was never seen,
Even by the Chinese people’s leader.”
(A ‘Little Red Book’ of Shankly’s great quotes
Is far more entertaining for the reader)

“Agents? The only good agent is 007”;
“I only wanted him for the 2nd eleven”;
“If Everton played in my garden, I’m certain
I’d just have to close the curtain.”

The lessons were learned, and in Seventy-Four
He repeated our Cup-winning dream,
Adding to League & UEFA the season before
Three triumphs for his new young team.

Then everyone remembers the newsagents’ signs:
“Liverpool in shock, as Shankly resigns”
He said “It felt like walking to the electric chair”
How could he do it? How would we fare?

I read the Echo that day, and through the tears
I didn't think about the fifteen years,
But just thought about empty years to come
How could we repeat the trophies he'd won?

I was only young, though, what did I know?
Nobody knew then how we'd thrive and grow
From the seeds of passion that Shankly had sown
To make The European Champions Cup our own,

And dominate the game for the next 15 years
If I'd only known that, I'd have saved my tears
Not for Liverpool, and its young fans like me,
But for the sacrifices of Bill & Nessie Shankly.

I remember his programmes on Radio City,
And him still coaching young kids till 1980,
With his sheer enthusiasm shining through it all
“All you need is the green, green grass and a ball.”

The strongest voice of my youth, I can hear him still
Broadcasting the wit and wisdom of Uncle Bill,
And I remember that day, September 81,
That feeling of loss - Shankly has gone.

The next home game v. Tosh’s Swansea,
He added 15,000 to the crowd.
And he was there in spirit, watching LFC
As we chanted his name aloud.

The one word “Shankly” had now taken the place
Of all of the words to “Amazing Grace”
He’s there still in his statue, his name’s on the gates
But his spirit’s the ethos our club radiates.

“At Liverpool from the very start I’d planned
To build a bastion of invincibility.”
I believe that “I was made for Liverpool, and
Liverpool was made for me.”

“I’d like to be remembered simply as a man
Who strove to make the people happy.”
I believe that “I was made for Liverpool, and
Liverpool was made for me.”

[I hope people won't mind the fact that some of the quotes are paraphrased for the sake of the rhythm of the poem. Shankly's quotes are a bit like bibical quotes, in that you quite often see slightly different versions of the most famous sayings in the media, books, etc.

Journalists used to paraphrase him and he even used to paraphrase himself, so I hope it's not sacrilege to re-arrange or add a few words here and there.

If people want the direct quotes there's always the excellent and countless other sites. I also recommend getting hold of the 'Shankly Speaks' interview LPs to get a real feeling of the breadth of Mr. Shankly's wisdom, knowledge & understanding of the game.]

© Nige 2006


Oh Liverpool Bill
(Tune : Liverpool Lou)

O Liverpool Bill you're our Liverpool Bill
Your name is a legend of courage and skill
You gave us the league, all the cups and the thrills
And that's why we love you our Liverpool Bill

Anfield will always remember with pride
The Scot who commanded the Liverpool side
As sharp as a razor - his wit and his voice
His love of the game made him Liverpool's choice

O Liverpool Bill you're our Liverpool Bill
Your name is a legend of courage and skill
You gave us the league, all the cups and the thrills
And that's why we love you our Liverpool Bill

Bill you will never be walking alone
The Kop will be with you away or at home
As long as we breathe we'll remember you still
Oh thank you for ever our Liverpool Bill

O Liverpool Bill you're our Liverpool Bill
Your name is a legend of courage and skill
You gave us the league, all the cups and the thrills
And that's why we love you our Liverpool Bill 


Remember Glenbuck (by Don Gillespie)

The glen is silent now, no one would know
that here, where gorse and thistles grow,
a thousand people lived with pride
until the village died.

A store stood in that clump of birch
and there's the shadow of a church,
the school lies scattered on the ground,
it's now a rubble mound.

But see that patch of moorland fern,
down there where sheep graze by the burn,
beneath that wilderness concealed,
you'll find a football field.

Go down and walk upon that land
for that was once a hallowed stand,
out here they shaped the people's game,
a field of dreams, a place of fame.

They crawled in darkness underground
until they heard the whistle sound,
then left the danger and the dark
to run in sunlight on that park.

Their team was forged from guts and coal,
it captured Glenbuck's heart and soul,
now miners fought for village glory
to write the Cherrypickers' story.

They played with style, they beat the rest,
those Cherrypickers were the best,
wealthy clubs came for the men
who had the magic of the Glen.

But fate holds cards of joy and sorrow,
we live today, depart tomorrow.
She dealt her hand - the story ended,
and broken dreams cannot be mended.

The pit was closed, it didn't pay
and closure took all work away,
that one decision, it was said,
killed Glenbuck dead.

A ruined Glen, a flooded mine,
a boy who lost his chance to shine
but in his heart he vowed one day
to win the Cherrypickers' way.

His name was Shankly, he was the best,
his memory shines above the rest.
He won the heart of every fan,
he dignified the working man.

He came to Liverpool, he built a team,
he brought alive his Glenbuck dream,
and Anfield, his adopted home,
made sure he never walked alone.


Shankly’s Ark… A Tribute… (by John Lemmon)

September 29th 1981

Was a very sad day on Merseyside

When one of it’s finest sporting servants

Left us quite suddenly, he left us and he died…

The disbelieving public

Could not believe this sudden loss

If you didn’t know Bill Shankly

I couldn’t give a toss…

But dear old Shanks he did not die in vain

Despite this empty great hole he left behind

He was one of life’s true gentlemen

He always spoke his mind…

That cold & brae December day in 1959,

When we were wallowing in Division 2

“Cowboy Shanks” had ridden into town

He had a simple message for me & for you…

As Chairman TV Williams went out on a limb

To change our sagging fortunes round

He saw something special in this Scottish man

What he’d found was sound as a pound…

Our Shanks he had his Nessie

His football was his life

His passion has never been doubted

Football was his mistress, Nessie was his wife…

He started at the bottom

A pretty good place to start

He brought in Saint & Rowdy Yeats

He pulled sad old Melwood apart…

He introduced the 5 a sides in training

A brand new concept type of thing

He brought in short sharp ‘pass & move’

A simple bell he did ring…

With Bob & Joe & Rueben,

His Boot-room culture began

It formed the nucleus of his team

His magical new focus of a plan

The Anfield faithful sensed a change

As crowds again topped forty thou…

We climbed of the top of Division 2

No one could stop us now…

He built up the momentum

His goal was clear to see

His passion was to take us to the top

Cos we were Liverpool FC…

And so Shankly’s Ark was born & open

As the chosen ones flocked in

You had to be quite special

For Shanks to let you in…

There was Tommy & Gerry & Chris Lawler

Willie Stevenson tight at the back

With Smithy & Rowdy & Crazy Horse Emlyn

They were a hard nut sure to crack…

They built up a tough reputation

That was true and then the kop it would sing

There was Cally & Saint and Sir Roger

Willie Stevo & Peter Thompson on the wing…

These worthy and true adversaries

Are forever inside Bill Shankly’s Ark

As they walk up that creaky old plank

To the light and not into the dark…

In there are all our childhood hero’s

Whom we met every Saturday afternoon at three

They gave us what we needed

They re-wrote our football history…

So as years passed by there have been many

Who aspire to be hero’s each day

So they can join the ranks of the immortals

In Shankly’s Ark, in November, March or May…

There was Clemmo & Larry & Alec,

Shanks was not scared to flush the boys out

He brought in some famous old sayings

When the Beatles were singing Twist & Shout…

“This is Anfield” sign was just a reminder

For his players to keep their feet on the ground

And he told them to remember who they were playing for

The many fans who had paid their two pound…

His aim was to make his team famous

He did this no shadow of a doubt

By playing good attractive and hard football

Week in & week out…

Shankly’s Ark is full of great players

Far too many to mention right now you’ll see

There was young Kevin & big Tosh & Phil Boersma

Stevie Heighway left them for dead (he he he)…

So we celebrate the great mans passing

28 years ago to this very day

I’ll bet he was looking down laughing

With Emlyn on the 25th of May… (2005)

He was looking for more hero entrants

To his Ark that we can all surely agree

That to enter you need to be a hero

And to play for the great LFC..

So for those that do dare to be courageous

To go that extra mile for the thousands of fans

There’s still some places up for grabs

In Shankly’s Ark…try to get in if you can…

We miss you so much William Shankly

From Glenbuck, your star surely did shine

You laid the solid foundations

Of what’s yours and what’s certainly now mine…

You brought us back our pride and our passion

Hailed the Kop as they sang a song of our own

The door is still open to Shankly’s Ark now

May you never, ever walk alone…


Shankly's Dream

There are many who doubt we existed
Years ago, years ago
But they tended to be bitter and he twisted
Like Big Joe, like Big Joe
But we'd won five league trophies before Shanks had come
We had players like Liddell and Scott
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

We got blessed by a great man of vision
Bill Shankly, Bill Shankly
And he led us out the Second Division
We thank thee, we thank thee.
Then we won every trophy that football has seen
'This Is Anfield' was known throughout the land
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

Everybody in the world heard us singing
From our ground, from our ground
And they copied us from Mancland to Peking
Mersey Sound, Mersey Sound.
Than the players would turn up and wa'd make them laugh
Gordon Banks. Franny Lee and Big Jack
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

Then Bob Paisley he did even better
Than Shankly, than Shankly.
Euro Cups in a cardie, trendsetter
He won three, he won three
He was shy, he was quiet but by God he was great
And we loved him just like we loved Shanks
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

Then came Heysel and Kenny took over
From old Joe, from old Joe
For a while we were rolling in clover
Watch us go, watch us go
And he won us the double against Everton
Wembley sounded like never before
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

We were shocked, we were stunned, we were shaken
When it came, when it came
All those children of Shanks that were taken
At a game, just a game
And we'll never forget them as long as we live
They are with us now like they were then.
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream

Came a decade that kept us all waiting
For a team, for a team
And now Gerard has started creating
Our new dream, our new dream
And deep down inside us we all do believe
That he'll take us back where we belong
We're the boys from the Kop, Liverpool is our team
And Houllier's reliving Shankly's dream 


Song by Peter Evo (With no apologies to Don Maclean)

A long, long time ago I can still remember how Bill Shankly made me cry.
And I knew if I had my chance I would see the great man dance a jig on Anfield's hallowed turf.
Peter Thompson made me shiver with every cross that he delivered.
Roger Hunt in the middle, even better than Billy Liddell.
I can't remember if I cried when we won the Cup with the '65 side.
But something touched me deep inside the day Bill Shankly died.
So bye, bye, Billy Shankly bye, bye. You brought us from the Second Division to rise
to Champions and Cup winners too, singing Billy how we're gonna miss you, Billy how we're gonna miss you.

The Kop was a massive sea of Red when Keegan put the ball on Toshack's head; Billy Shankly told me so.
And did you see Ian St. John's goal? Did Shankly lift your very soul? And can you teach me how to play like Cally?
Well I know that I'm in love with Shanks, 'cos he said Tommy Lawrence is better than Banks.
We all went on the booze when we stuffed five up the blues.
I was a teenage Kopite, a bit of a buck, but I really didn't give a f--k.
But I knew I was outa luck the day Bill Shankly died.

We were singin': Bye, bye Billy Shankly bye bye. You brought us from the Second Division to rise
to Champions and Cup Winners too, singin' Billy how we're gonna miss you, Billy how we're gonna miss you.

Shanks quote

"We were back at Anfield and Shanks was up to his old tricks. As the United party made their way down the corridor to the away changing room, he appeared from his office. 'Guess what, boys?' he said, brandishing a little orange ticket. 'I've had a go on the tickets that give the time when the away team will score. And it says here, in a fortnight!' With that, he disappeared back into his office. We lost that encounter 2-0 and after the game I was chatting to Liverpool's Ray Clemence, who revealed to me another piece of Shankly kidology.

Prior to the game, Shankly had received the United team sheet and he incorporated it into his team talk. His intention was to run us down and, in so doing, boost the confidence of his own players. 'Alex Stepney,' Shanks began. 'A flapper of a goalkeeper. Hands like a Teflon frying pan - non-stick. Right back, Shay Brennan. Slow on the turn, give him a roasting. Left back is Tony Dunne. Even slower than Brennan. He goes on an overlap at twenty past three and doesn't come back until a quarter to four. Right half, Nobby Stiles. A dirty little -beep-. Kick him twice as hard as he kicks you and you'll have no trouble with him.' 'Bill Foulkes, a big, cumbersome centre half who can't direct his headers. He had a head like a sheriff's badge, so play on him. Paddy Crerand. Slower than steam rising off a dog turd. You'll bypass him easily.' The Liverpool players felt as if they were growing in stature with his every word. 'David Sadler,' Shanks continued. 'Wouldn't get a place in our reserves. And finally, John Aston. A chicken, hit him once and you'll never hear from him again. As the manager finished his demolition job on United, Emlyn Hughes raised his hand. 'That's all very well, boss,' he said, 'but you haven't mentioned George Best, Denis Law or Bobby Charlton.' Shanks turned on him. 'You mean to tell me we can't beat a team that has only three players in it?' he said, glowering."


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