1976 interview with Shanks from Scottish TV - Video

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Shanks quote

"I got injured in a Monday match at Wolverhampton early in the 1963-64 season. The muscle had gone in my leg. It was really bad. Shanks wouldn't speak to me after the game but the following morning he asked me how I was. I just said it wasn't too bad because you you didn't like saying you were unfit. Bob told me to say I was fit and on the Friday, the day before our next game, Shanks got me out. He said: 'Right. Come on, run round the pitch.' I could hardly walk but after I'd made it round the pitch Shanks asked me how I felt. I said: 'I'm fit.' Well, he nearly exploded! 'Fucking fit! You're a cripple! A bleedin' cripple! Get ot o' ma sight!'"

TOMMY LAWRENCE - Liverpool 1957-1971

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